Comic Strips to help Behaviour

How do we use Comic Strips to help our children learn about the world? Through Comic Strip Conversations!

A comic strip conversation is a conversation between two or more people which uses simple drawings to discuss a situation. It’s very versatile and is a good way of understanding your child’s understanding of the situation and explaining your view on the situation in a way that they can understand. 

It can be used with all children for praise or behaviour management, we find it works particularly well with children who have social communication difficulties such as Autism Spectrum Condition. You can use it to develop, social skills, social prediction, social judgement, social understanding and alternative strategies to deal with difficult situations. 

You can use it to discuss past, present or future events. It’s a good idea to ‘pre-teach’ this technique before you use it to talk about something potentially negative which has happened, do this by drawing pictures about something they like doing (e.g playing football or going to KFC), draw pictures showing what would happen, how people would feel and what they would say. 

Who are they used for?

•Children on the autistic spectrum

•Children who have difficulty with social understanding

•Children who are egocentric and find it difficult to consider other peoples point of view

•Children who are visual learners and benefit from having visual reminders

•Children who may find it difficult to consider alternative solutions or strategies to situations

Important things to remember when using comic strip conversations: 

•Draw while you talk

•Don’t be afraid to use it creatively

•Simple and quick drawings

•Emphasis on what people may be thinking

•Explore the situation – be child-led


•Explore other potential strategies / solutions

•Keep and use as a reminder for future situations

Feel free to try this at home with your child, lots of families keep a record of these and talk about them at different times. If you would like training for your setting on behaviour management or an up to date assessment for your child please contact us on: 0330 088 2298.

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