Questions, Questions! how to best help your child learn to talk

It can be really worrying when trying to have a conversation with your child and they are not answering. There may be many reasons why this may be happening, one reason is to do with their understanding of questions. 

Children typically develop understanding of questions up to 6 years old. We naturally ask questions as part of our conversations with children but it can be surprising when we don’t get an answer that makes sense. To understand why this might be, it’s helpful to know which questions are harder, we typically say that understanding of questions develops by:

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Questions are a good way of gaining your child’s perspective on the world but often if a child is quiet, we can over-compensate by asking too many questions.  It’s really important to balance these questions with other ways of speaking to them: 

If you would like more advice or assessment on your child’s understanding of language with next steps, please contact our team on 0330 088 2298.

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