Useful apps to enhance your child’s speech and language


Technology is constantly expanding in our everyday lives, but rather than trying to eliminate technology, it may be beneficial to utilise it. Technology can be a great way to ‘keep your child busy’ when necessary, however it is best to see technology as a facilitator (helping hand) of communication and an activity you can take time to enjoy together.

For many children, computer and iPad screens are captivating, motivating and fun! There are now many apps that are widely available that claim to help your child’s speech, language and communication. I have chosen my favourite iPad apps that parents, teachers and other therapists may find useful. The apps chosen are a mixture of free and paid apps.

When using all of these apps, it is important to remember that screen time with your child should be done together and should not be a solitary activity for the child.

1. Articulation station

The articulation station app was created by speech and language therapists to help children learn the sounds of the English language through fun games and activities. The app is colourful and highly motivating. If your child has specific phonological difficulties diagnosed by a speech and language therapist, using articulation station alongside the advice given by your therapist to can be effective, ensuring you are using the activities correctly and not against your therapist’s recommendations.

2. Splingo’s language universe

Splingo’s language universe app was created by speech and language therapists and is extremely motivating. The app involves lots of fun and exciting characters (or aliens) that guide your child through levels of language learning, starting from very simple instructions, to higher level instructions. Each activity involves a fun game for the child to play, whilst they are learning. Splingo has other apps that target specific language e.g. pronouns, actions, categories with Splingo.

3. Speech with Milo

Speech with Milo are a set of heavily animated apps that provide your child with a fun character Milo the Mouse. Milo takes your child through fun games that target different structures of language including verbs, sequencing, prepositions and many more.

4. Caveman time machine

Kenny caveman is a fun character that has access to different scenes across time. The caveman time machine is designed to reinforce children’s basic concepts (opposites) but it is also a good language builder as you can discuss the different scenes and objects with your child. The app is colourful and motivating for children to use.

5. Fluidity

Fluidity and other sensory apps don’t target specific speech, language and communication needs, however any sensory apps are great to use for children with sensory needs, particularly some children with autism spectrum disorder. Many children may find them relaxing and others find them motivating to use after a speech and language therapy activity.

6. Crocodile dentist

Crocodile dentist does not target specific speech, language and communication difficulties however it is a great app to use as a motivator alongside speech and language therapy activities. Based on the board game, crocodile dentist is fun to play and can also teach your child important skills such as anticipation and turn taking.

Why not try these apps and have fun communicating with your child. If you have any questions about using apps alongside speech and language therapy do not hesitate to ask our therapists for advice on or call 0330 088 2298.

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