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What does RCSLT stand for?

RCSLT stands for the ‘Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists’.

What is the RCSLT?

The RCSLT is the professional body for speech and language therapists in the UK. The RCSLT supports the professional, educational and public development and interest of speech and language therapists across the UK.

Who can be a member of the RCSLT?

Membership is open to fully qualified speech and language therapists (both practicing and non-practicing). Membership is also available for speech and language therapy students and support workers, such as assistant speech and language therapists. All speech and language therapists at SLT for Kids are all members of the RCSLT.

What does the RCSLT do?

The RCSLT provides leadership to speech and language therapists across the UK and sets the professional standards for those in the profession. The RCSLT facilitates and promotes research, education and training of students and public knowledge of speech and language therapy. They provide numerous CPD opportunities for members as well as networking events.

If you are interested in finding out more about the RCSLT, then please visit their website .

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Speech Clinic

Our speech and language therapists provide a range of services for children with speech, language and communication needs.

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Voice Clinic

We provide specialist speech and language therapy services for children with voice support needs.

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Feeding Clinic

Our expert speech and language therapists provide a range of services for children with eating, drinking and swallowing support needs, alongside our professionals multidisciplinary team.

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