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Case manager report

Case manager report

A case manager report gives the case manager an outline of the assessment, therapy programme and educational recommendations or specialist equipment needs for an individual child. A case manager gathers together all reports and opinions from various healthcare professionals to create a multidisciplinary team and provide the best package of care for a child with complex needs.


A case manager report provides a detailed description and breakdown of the complex difficulties that the child has and the impact of these difficulties on their daily activities following an assessment. Daily activities are the day to day events that we take part in to make our life more meaningful and improve our quality of life. Daily activities include communicating with others, accessing education and taking part in chosen hobbies and partaking joint mealtimes.

Medico-legal reports

We provide a range of reports upon request, including medico-legal reports for those that require this service.


Recommendations for education and equipment in school

The speech and language therapist would give recommendations about any educational requirements the child may require during school, this will take into account of any equipment that would increase and improve the child’s learning and communication with others (such as Augmentative and Alternative Communication aids). The speech and language therapist would provide justified clinical rationale for the need of any equipment or allocated therapy sessions that are required during school time.


The therapy programme, duration of therapy, as well as time, date and location of therapy would be defined in the case manager report. The speech and language therapist would provide a comprehensive analysis of the therapy required for the child and why the speech and language therapist has suggested this form of therapy, as well as including both long term and short term goals of therapy and the potential benefits therapy would have.

Our qualified and highly experienced speech and language therapists can tailor the report to your specific needs, we offer you an individualised and personalised service.

If you would like a case manager report for your client, or would like to know more, please email us at  office@sltforkids.co.uk  or call our office on 0330 088 2298.

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