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Sarah’s story

Sarah’s story

Sarah contacted SLT for Kids when she grew increasingly concerned about her son's speech difficulties. Sarah’s son was 5 years old and had difficulties producing certain sounds and words correctly. Initially sarah was not concerned about her son’s difficulties however, when her son started school sarah noticed that these difficulties were impacting on his confidence and his early literacy skills. Sarah’s son was on the NHS waiting list but she wanted something to be put in place in the meantime as she was worried about the impact the difficulties were having on her son.

Sarah contacted SLT for Kids and spoke to one of our speech and language therapists who explained the process and the options available for sarah to make an informed decision. Sarah chose for her son to have an assessment of his speech difficulties in one of our clinics. Following the assessment sarah opted for regular input from the speech and language therapist as well as a home programme and a written report with advice and strategies for Sarah to follow at home and the teachers use at school.


I was very happy with the service provided by SLT for Kids, there were no waiting lists and they kept my son's best interests at the forefront of everything they did. They were able to provide a holistic service giving me and the school lots of strategies and advice that we could use. Through the therapy process i saw my sons confidence grow and he has now even started to read out aloud in class something he would previously avoid. Thank you SLT for Kids.

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