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Training is a useful part of the speech and language therapy process. Training allows the speech and language therapist to share information on how best to support children who have speech, language and communication difficulties.

Training can be carried out in a variety of settings including informal training in the child’s home, training in school and in one of our clinics.

Available training

We provide a range of training, to educate and advise anyone who works or communicates with children with speech, language and communication needs. Training options include:

Training for teachers

Training for teachers can be provided within schools on a one-to-one or group basis. This can be training on a universal or targeted level.

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Training for professionals

Training for other health professionals and carers can be beneficial for those seeking more information on children's speech, language and communication needs and how best to support these.

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Accredited courses

Our speech and language therapists at SLT for Kids are trained in providing accredited courses to those seeking training.

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Training for parents

Training for parents can take place on a one-to-one or group basis. Training can be provided within therapy sessions and can also take place outside of therapy sessions if parents are seeking more specialist training.

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Our speech and language therapists can provide courses that provide training on universal and targeted levels of intervention to school staff. This may generally be useful in providing skills to the general workforce or training specific school staff members on a specific communication difficulty.

Our speech and language therapists can provide training to other professionals that may be working with a child. This may also be a good opportunity for continuing professional development.

Our speech and language therapists are qualified in training the workforce on several different accredited courses that target different areas of speech, language and communication.

Our speech and language therapist will often provide training to family members as part of therapy sessions with a child. They will talk family members through the therapy activities and provide advice on how you can help your child best. Occasionally, SLT for Kids will provide specific training sessions to a group of parents on particular communication needs or general advice on how to help your child develop their speech and language skills.

The purpose of training in paediatric speech and language therapy

Speech and language therapist’s carry out training for many reasons, they include:

  • To advise and support parents on how best to help their child.
  • To ensure parents and teachers are confident when communicating with children with speech, language and communication difficulties.
  • To provide teachers and school staff with the ability to identify children who need extra specialist support.
  • To ensure school’s are providing a communication friendly environment.
  • To provide professionals with the knowledge to identify children who are in need of a referral to speech and language therapy.
  • To help those that communicate with the child regularly, carry out indirect therapy.

What will speech and language therapy training involve?

Speech and language therapy training sessions vary according to the type of training that is being delivered. During the training you will be given information and advice sheets. There will always be time for you to ask any questions and discuss any issues with the speech and language therapist.


We have lots of events that run through the year. Our events are suitable for those looking for more information on speech and language therapy and can be an excellent multidisciplinary team learning opportunity. Our events are also suitable for those seeking continuing professional development. Find out more about our recent and upcoming events.

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Our expert speech and language therapists provide a range of services for children with eating, drinking and swallowing support needs, alongside our professionals multidisciplinary team.

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