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Kimberley Chu Speech & Language Therapist

Kim is a Speech and Language Therapist who graduated from Queen Margaret University in 2021. Kim joined the SLT For Kids team after graduation to support children and families with speech, language and communication needs in Manchester.

Kim currently works in schools and clinic-based settings where she supports children with a wide range of communication needs. These include, speech sound delay/disorders, language disorders, early social and play skills, social communication and interaction skills and dysfluency.

Kim has gained a high degree of awareness and knowledge about different assessments and therapeutic interventions to use to support these children. Kim has a driving commitment to keep up to date with theories, assessments and therapeutic interventions that we provide for children and families. She keeps up to date with my knowledge through attending regular training and CPD courses.

Kim particularly enjoys working in schools and promoting a new universal way of working. Within this role, Kim has provided whole school training sessions, parent training sessions and workshops, conducted communication friendly classroom audits and supported staff members in class, in order to increase their knowledge and confidence around supporting children’s speech, language and communication development. Kim regularly produces detailed reports, including specialist reports for Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan assessments and reviews. Kim believes that all adults caring for children are responsible for giving them the means, reasons and opportunities to communicate.


September 2014 – June 2017 - BA (Hons) English Language at Newcastle University

August 2018 - July 2021 - MSc Speech and Language Therapy at Queen Margaret University

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I believe that all children should have the means, reasons and opportunities to communicate.

Kimberley Chu

Kimberley's specialities

I am particularly interested in developmental language disorder, speech sound disorders and autism

Professional memberships

Kimberley works in accordance to the professional and ethical guidelines set by the HCPC and RCSLT.

  • Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)
  • Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT)
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Timeline (employment history)


October 2017 – August 2018

SEN Teaching Assistant


September 2020 – May 2021

Palfish - Online English Tutor


June 2021

SLT for Kids


What inspired you to become a Paediatric Speech and Language Therapist?

My interest in working with children stems from my time in education, studying English Language at Newcastle University, where I learned about how speech and language skills develop in children. During my time working as a SEN Teaching Assistant at a primary school, I was fascinated by the range of language and communication needs that some children experienced. It was then when I realised my love for working with children and families and how important it was for children to have a ‘voice’, to communicate their everyday needs and wants. After researching a career in Speech and Language Therapy, I knew it was the perfect career for me. From then, I moved to Scotland and began my Master’s degree in Speech and Language Therapy!

What additional training do you have?

I currently do not have any additional training, but I am excited to continue in my professional development through attending regular CPD trainings.

Is there a speech, language, communication or swallowing condition you enjoy working with the most?

I really enjoy working with children with Autism. I am passionate about delivering interventions that can help make a positive impact on their communication and social skills and reduce the impact their difficulties may have at home, education, work and social environments. It is deeply rewarding to get to see the world from a perspective that is different from my own and see children with autism make progress in their communication skills.

What do you like doing in your spare time?

In my spare time, I enjoy going on long walks, going for spa days and spending time with my friends and family. I have two little nephews and I try to see them as much as possible! I have always been interested in the idea of travelling the world, where I can learn new cultures, meet new people and most importantly, try new foods!

What is your favourite thing about being a speech and language therapist with SLT for Kids?

I think one of the best parts of working with SLT for Kids is being part of a team that is very caring and supportive. It is fantastic to see the support system that has been put in place, where everyone’s opinion is valued. It is great to see how motivated everyone is to learn from each other, in order to continue on providing the highest standard of care for the children and families we work with.

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