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Steve’s story

Steve’s story

Steve is a case manager for a local firm. One of the clients steven is currently representing is a 7 year old child with complex needs and cerebral palsy, the result of a brain damage at birth. His client Adam uses a wheelchair due to stiffness and tight muscles. Adam has a severe speech disorder and dysphagia (difficulties with eating drinking and swallowing) due to abnormal muscle tone as well as difficulties with muscle coordination. This makes it difficult for adam to be understood by others, it also impacts his ability to express his thoughts clearly. Adam has also been finding it difficult to make friends as his difficulties with communication and mobility has been restricting his ability to take part in certain activities.

Steve works regularly with SLT for Kids, he commissioned our services as he knew that SLT for Kids can provide continuous provision for both adam’s speech difficulties and his dysphagia. Our speech and language therapists regularly worked with adam in school and at home, providing both parents and teaching staff with advice, strategies and therapy programmes they can use with adam to help increase his skills. Our speech and language therapists provided regular reports with up to date information about adam's skills and the progress he is making for parents, teachers and other professionals involved with Adam.


I always commision SLT for Kids to provide speech and language therapy to my clients, as they are able to provide specialists to meet the needs of my clients. SLT for Kids take a holistic approach to therapy taking into consideration my client, their difficulties the impact of these difficulties as well as other factors in their lives. My clients always enjoy the sessions provided by SLT for Kids as they are fun and functional. I can always rely on SLT for Kids to provide a professional service.

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Our expert speech and language therapists provide a range of services for children with eating, drinking and swallowing support needs, alongside our professionals multidisciplinary team.

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